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What do you all think? Was there really no point to the scene where Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis started talking about how good it felt to give instead of take?
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Background Pony #7558
@Background Pony #FBF9
Thank you very much! I worked very hard on my story and even though I’m really sad to see the show go, I would have been satisfied with the ending if it ending the way I wrote down.
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Background Pony #FBF9
@Smart Heart

>more creativity than the writers
>alternate story involves over eight cases of "Grogar made them evil," thus depriving the villains of moral agency, so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions whatsoever

That’s quite the masterpiece of storytelling, that. I’m sure everyone would love it if that was canon. We all deserved to have that be the finale.
Background Pony #7558
@Smart Heart
Such a bummer ending. I wish Dubuc, Vogel, and Haber put more effort in. Seems like they just rushed it in order to get the show over with.
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Background Pony #7558
@Smart Heart
These things are very hard to let go because this show was my childhood. I’ve been watching it ever since I had just turned nine. I don’t know what my next favourite show is going to be. Maybe one of my childhood shows, just for some nostalgia.
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