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Page 907 – Mafia, Part 6

Author: DragonTrainer

Newbiespud’s Note: I’ve run some more tabletop things! I would’ve posted a link to this in the previous update, but, y’know, spoilertown.

Stars Without Number – Session 2 – Karnataka: YouTube

Luna: Should Cory and I leave the room?
DM: Nah… just be careful, okay? Anyways… Everypony wake up. It’s Nightmare Night and Ponyville’s holding a festival! After spending all of last night and this morning preparing, everypony’s there attending. Everypony was having fun, enjoying the festivities, when suddenly… … A legion of spiders showed up and attack! In the midst of all the confusion and panic, Derpy Hooves was knocked into a pot of boiling hot water!
Derpy (Rika): Aw… that means I’m out.
DM: Not only that, but Applejack got kidnapped by the spiders!
Applejack: … Any chance I was saved again?
DM: Applejack. Derpy Hooves. You’ve both been taken out. Time to reveal your cards.
Twilight Sparkle: You’re both Civilians? That means we still have both Detectives and the Nurse in play!
Rainbow Dash: Fat load of good those Detectives did. I’ll bet they haven’t found even a single Mafia yet.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, they better do something quick. We lost four Civilians so far and all four Mafia are in play. That’s five to four. If we lynch the wrong pony, Mafia wins.
Rainbow Dash: Right, because Mafia will target two once night falls. So… how are we doing this? How do we figure out who the Mafia are?
Pinkie Pie: I think I know how. All we have to do… is INVESTIGATE!!!
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