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I decided to post my EG stuffs to my main account now.

Hope you like this

OC used:

Aaliyah Rosado by  user15432
Base used:

mlp EG base (1) by  DoraAir
Background used:

Canterlot High at night Background 2 by  THASHY-animations
safe (1425033)artist:8-bitspider (30)artist:doraair (18)artist:thashy-animations (3)artist:user15432 (692)artist:yuettung116 (17)oc (523374)oc:aaliyah (9)oc:alol (2)human (130439)equestria girls (159154)aaliyah (9)amulet (1115)barely eqg related (377)base used (10499)canterlot high (2036)clothes (354464)crossover (52916)dancing (6831)equestria girls-ified (7273)equestria girls style (294)glasses (46830)jewelry (38775)necklace (12209)shoes (23963)


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