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I decided to post my EG stuffs to my main account now.

Hope you like this

OC used:

Aaliyah Rosado by user15432
Base used:

mlp EG base (1) by DoraAir
Background used:

Canterlot High at night Background 2 by THASHY-animations
safe1583669 artist:8-bitspider35 artist:doraair117 artist:mlp-lolada65 artist:thashy-animations4 artist:user15432914 artist:yuettung11 oc607208 oc:aaliyah30 oc:alol2 human144159 equestria girls182520 aaliyah30 amulet1224 barely eqg related746 base used16007 canterlot high2469 clothes413584 crossover58045 dancing7624 equestria girls style503 equestria girls-ified8667 glasses55053 jewelry52861 necklace15779 pleated skirt3952 shoes30900 show accurate11394 skirt36049 tanktop6871


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Background Pony #28C7
Hello! I'm yuettung116! Thanks for sharing this in Derpibooru but next time ask me before you do it ok?