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I made this picture based off of a fanfic called My Little Pony: The Book of Disney. Though it’s no longer on the Fanfiction.com, you can still find it on this website. https://fimfetch.net/story/364989/the-mane-six-goes-disney/31

Because Thomas had killed Kocoum only to save John Smith, Twilight, and her friends, and took Fluttershy with him back to camp in order to save her.

Thomas: (Explaining to the men) I did it to save John Smith and her friends. I did manage to save one of his friends.

Ben: Where they take him?

Thomas: They’re heading north.

Fluttershy: Wait, you were told to do this? That’s why you were in the woods and shot Kocoum. But, you did it to save me and my friends. I forgive you.

Thomas: But we also have to save your friends, they do the same for all of us.

Ben: Thomas is right, we’ve got to do something!

Ratcliffe: And so we shall! I told you those savages couldn’t be trusted! (Turning to Thomas and Fluttershy) And you! You may have done it to save that young woman, but if I didn’t know any better, I say you’ve gone soft!

Fluttershy: At least he’s not selfish, greedy, and cruel like you! You began this war! Many people will die in the battle including John Smith, and even your own men, because of you! Even when we tried to stop the madness from going and try to befriend you and share this whole land and live in harmony together, that only you don’t give a flying feather about!

Ratcliffe: And why should I?! I make the laws here! And I will not rest until we’ve won this battle and illiminated those savages! You men, tie her up!

Ben and Lon then took Fluttershy and tied her up.

Ben: We apologize for this, Lass.

Lon: We’re honestly not sure about this either, but there is no other way to stop this.

Fluttershy: I understand, you have no choice.


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Background Pony #FDA2

I’m not opposed to crossover art but this is just a really odd pick.
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