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By the way… If you’re ever around me, please do not unlock the door(s) when I’m in a room… or unlock my doors when I have them locked and am not in the room… I’m very serious about my privacy… as little as I get… I try to protect it as much as possible…. Respect my privacy please, whereas most others haven’t…

I’m probably not going to share many more drawings like this of Sobakasu… It kinda feels embarrassing for some reason… drawing lewd art of your own ponysona… It’s like basically drawing myself naked! That makes me feel awkward… This obviously isn’t that bad but… still… He’s a ponification of me… exactly like me… in all ways except for some of his appearance of course… so it’s like I’m drawing myself… and it feels weird to share that with the entire world…
suggestive (113246)artist:modocrisma (39)oc (525917)oc only (364530)oc:sobakasu (17)earth pony (148685)pony (699346)blushing (154036)blushing ears (107)chest fluff (25808)doodle (2151)embarrassed (8832)exposed (302)fluffy (11519)freckles (20554)hooves between legs (13)implied nudity (364)male (258437)monochrome (134568)pencil drawing (6509)photo (66495)ponysona (2358)shower (2643)solo (877027)steam (1378)talking to viewer (1497)teenager (3208)traditional art (96476)wet mane (4511)

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A.K.A. Modocrisma
Oh… okay… I see now… Floor Bored and Sobakasu do definitely share some traits… Either that’s a coincidence, or I’m just as unoriginal as I believe I am….

Not like I was going for a particular look anyways…. I mean, I basically just drew what I look like…

Long, unkempt hair… Freckles… Tired eyes… Wears a hoodie all the time even when it’s fucking 90° outside… (Would like to be able to be someone who) wears thigh-highs… Wears a bow (on occasion)… Looks almost as depressed as he feels, most of the time…
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A Clever Message
I’m sorry, but the steam in here is too thick to see the door. I’m afraid you’re going to have to guide me out yourself.
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