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This drawing is made for mariodashrko request. I was planning to finish it much earlier but this summer wasn’t a very productive time for me, unfortunately. Still, better late than never. I hope you like it.
suggestive (113099)artist:vyazinrei (35)applejack (147858)rainbow dash (203959)human (130791)equestria girls (159717)ass (35913)black underwear (2942)butt (9485)clothes (355758)compression shorts (1096)panties (41551)pants (9783)pants down (603)rainbutt dash (2355)screaming (2520)simple background (290856)smiling (183220)thong (4778)transparent background (151878)underwear (49645)wedgie (1345)wedgie fetish (41)


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With the few times rainbow dash was to get revenge against applejack when those wonder if the revenge was rainbow dash undoes applejack’s skirt and yanks it to her ankles when by chance her panties were also pulled down when she was to be wearing a pretty shade of vermillion hoping no one had a glimpse at her pussy.
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