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Sport Swimsuit Twilight Sparkle (Remastered) (original >>1452911)
Hopefully, soon to come out as a wall scroll. Which version would you rather have in your wall… if you’re brave enough, that is. ;)
Also, I’ll be publishing a nude version of this piece exclusively for my Patreon supporters soon!
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[deviantart source]
safe1879910 artist:mykegreywolf611 twilight sparkle322135 alicorn256826 anthro295855 unguligrade anthro55132 adorasexy10941 black swimsuit276 breasts319281 busty twilight sparkle13657 clothes525742 cute222919 female1517613 high-cut clothing181 large wings1871 looking at you199429 mare566912 one eye closed37084 one-piece swimsuit5549 sexy34741 solo1196194 sports swimsuit63 spread wings67056 stupid sexy twilight1191 swimsuit32792 tricolor swimsuit118 twiabetes13191 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133554 wings153243 wink28139


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Honestly, I love this racer-style one piece swimsuit so much. I think it’s sexier than the cut-out style! I really like that slight texturing on the suit itself.