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Page 888 — Rescue Range

…Are those five Derpys in panel 2?

Were all the conspicuous absences of her as a background character in season 3 and the first part of season 4 actually just her going back in time and appearing extra times in the previous seasons?

(It might be late and I might be very tired as I write this.)

Applejack: There's GOTTA be a clamorin' outside now. Rainbow Dash HAS to hear it.
DM: <sigh> Yes. But she's very far behind.
Rainbow Dash: I… spring into action and try to save them? Rarity AND the Wonderbolts?
DM: And meanwhile, I'm gonna be rolling saving throws to see if the Wonderbolts wake up. So, y'know, Rarity doesn't die. I'm gonna level with ya. You've got one chance to reach Rarity in time with a skill challenge… and even with your Athletics skills, the odds aren't great. You'd need, like, two or three consecutive Natural 20s to do this.
Rainbow Dash: <roll> …plus 14, that's… Hey, at least I got a 31!
DM: Is it a Natural 20?
Rainbow Dash: Well, obviously not…
DM: Then I don't know what to tell you other than, "Roll again."
safe1599360 artist:newbiespud1334 edit121479 edited screencap58569 screencap208686 applejack161189 derpy hooves48392 lightning bolt871 parasol575 rainbow dash222339 rainbowshine834 sassaflash864 spitfire12810 sunshower raindrops2264 white lightning870 earth pony210411 pegasus251725 pony868442 comic:friendship is dragons1493 background pony9555 background pony audience341 clothes419291 comic102287 dialogue60148 falling2534 female1272106 flying35063 gritted teeth10653 headset1570 male338163 mare432171 multeity2085 scared9579 screencap comic4283 spread wings48963 stallion95787 uniform9585 wings84032 wonderbolts3408 wonderbolts uniform5471 worried3534


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