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Page 884 – Dressed to Fail

The most immediate tabletop situation I can think of for desiring failure is when you’re being forced to attack your ally (domination) and the DM makes you roll for your own attack.

DM: What’s your plan for Rarity’s routine?
Rarity: I was thinking of starting with some ballet jumps and twirls. Something basic. But I’d also like to keep an eye on the crowd to see what kind of effect the wings are having. If it’s relatively minor, perhaps I can just underperform a little and Rainbow can still win.
DM: Sure. Roll me Acrobatics and Perception.
Rarity: <roll> 26. <roll> 16.
DM: You jump and you twirl and you spin… and the crowd seems to be stunned into near-silence, watching each twitch of your wings closely.
Applejack: Except for us?
DM: Yeah, except for the rest of you, who resisted the compulsion earlier.
Rainbow Dash: She’s practically a lock already!
Rarity: Not if I have anything to say about it. …You know, I’ve never been this psyched for my own failure before.
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