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Page 880 – Take It Outside

Never have I wanted to be able to art more than when I wanted to properly show Pinkie’s head poking down from the cloud and challenging the boy bullies. (I need to get serious about enlisting someone who can do a few pages of show-style-enough vector art for some later comic stuff…)

Here’s a Story Time idea: A tabletop fight that was secondary to or in support of something else, like as a distraction or something.

DM: As you recover from the last-minute blunder, you hear familiar cackling from the stands below where the rest of your friends are seated.
Rainbow Dash: Oh great, the jock brigade again?
DM: When they mock and insult, it has the opposite effect that the cheering does, potentially counteracting your friends’ support.
Applejack: What?! How are we supposed to go against that – have a freakin’ cheer fight?!
Pinkie Pie: Better idea: I say, "Come up here and say that to my face!!"
DM: Please don’t start a stadium brawl. Dash, next phase.
Rainbow Dash: It’s, uh, the spinning clouds thing.
DM: Go for it.
Rainbow Dash: <roll> Let… <roll> me… <roll> just… <roll> win– ah, crap!
DM: Oof. At the last second, one of your clouds tips off balance and spins out of control. <roll> Celestia and her guards are forced to duck out of the way. Meanwhile, the bullies go:
Pinkie Pie: That’s it! Rolling for Initiative!
DM: Hey, come on!
Pinkie Pie: It’s only a little stadium brawl!
Applejack: Heck with it, Ah’m rollin’ too. They were warned.
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