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Page 878 — Frontfooted Insult

When Rainbow Dash makes a mistake, she at least always does it with gusto. A+ for effort, and all that.

DM: With your, erm, "triumphant" theme playing on the sound system, the stage is set for your athletic routine. There are two factors that go into the judging for this. First is the creativity of your routine, or how well the moves demonstrate Rainbow Dash's flying ability. The other part is your performance on the skill challenges. So if your routine is very daring, it'll make up for a few fumbled rolls. Likewise, if you do extremely well, it'll make up for any banality in your performance.
Rainbow Dash: So all I have to do is avoid being both lazy AND incompetent?
DM: Yes. Thankfully, you're only ever one of those at a time…
Rainbow Dash: Hey!
DM: Haha, sorry. Had to go for it.

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safe1602036 artist:newbiespud1337 edit121831 edited screencap58772 screencap209218 cloud kicker1839 derpy hooves48442 dizzy twister1001 lightning bolt872 merry may736 misty fly487 orange swirl1001 princess celestia90562 rainbow dash222643 rainbowshine837 soarin'13393 spitfire12828 spring melody1066 sprinkle medley1066 white lightning871 alicorn203057 pegasus252659 pony870544 comic:friendship is dragons1496 armor22100 background pony9568 background pony audience341 cheering748 clothes420316 cloud28173 comic102430 dialogue60253 female1274409 flying35172 frown21683 goggles13272 looking up14498 male339041 mare433534 on a cloud1249 royal guard7092 screencap comic4293 stallion96167 uniform9615 wonderbolts3413 wonderbolts uniform5483


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