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Page 873 – Best In Showtunes

I think I’ve already done a Story Time about adding real music backing to a gaming session…

How about a story that involves some kind of gymnastics, then? Like stylishly jumping over a pit in a way that stood out.

DM: Although that reminds me, there’s also a sound system.
Twilight Sparkle: Because of course there is.
DM: Every flier gets to select a song to go with their routine.
Rarity: OHHH! It’s gymnastics!! Oh, it all makes sense now! For some reason I was imagining this whole thing as some kind of track and field event! Well, I know exactly what kind of song I’m going to use for Rarity’s routine. …That is, if, er, I was going to compete seriously. Because I’m not. We all want Rainbow Dash to win. Heh heh…
DM: So, Dash, since you’re up next, what song do you want to play during your set? Some hard rock, I imagine?
Rainbow Dash: I… I don’t know…!

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