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Page 867 – Factory Lure

A somewhat common oversight when doing even the most loose DM planning is making a hook stronger than you wanted it to be. Maybe you want a plot point to boil slowly and build tension while other stuff happens, but maybe you bungle it and sell it too hard, or it strikes a nerve in one of your players that you didn’t know was there – and either way, they’ve been successfully derailed.

DM: Well! While you’re stewing on all of THAT… You’ve got a few hours until the Competition actually starts. Do you want to see the sights? Maybe go to the factory and see how all the weather in Equestria is made? Snowflakes, rainbows, clouds, the works?
Twilight Sparkle: Uh, NO!
Fluttershy: This once… I’ll pass on the worldbuilding.
Applejack: We kinda have a conspiracy to figure out how to thwart. Rather do somethin’ productive.
DM: Right, right… Not sure why that was in the outline in the first place…
Pinkie Pie: I’m down, but ONLY if you narrate it like an episode of How It’s Made!
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