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Page 865 – Prosperous Cheats

Everything is fine.

Applejack: Soooo… That’s blatant cheating, then. Magic’s not somethin’ the officials check at the door?
DM: Well, unicorns don’t usually compete. It’s not unheard of, and certainly allowed, but not very common at all.
Pinkie Pie: There’s also bribery! Can’t forget bribery!
Rarity: Yes, I’m afraid the Guild might have all their bases covered on this one. I’m not even competing as myself, but as a prepared identity: "Wingsong."
Twilight Sparkle: Ugggh. How much do you want to bet that trying to tell Celestia with anything other than smoke signals will tip the Thieves Guild off?
Fluttershy: And if we try to expose them… Not only will Rarity get blocked… but won’t the Guild become the big story, when we need it to be Rainbow Dash?
Rainbow Dash: This is fine. Everything is fine.
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