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Page 860 — Bullyin' Operator

Man, I forgot how adorable the young versions of the Mane Six were. Or maybe, since this was Season 1, I was still in "Okay this is surprisingly good but still sugary anathema to my manly soul" binge-watching mode at the time and I've just learned to appreciate cute things more since then.

Rainbow Dash: I'm also not a big fan of the idea that Rainbow Dash got bullied in school, or any time at all. I wouldn't have taken crap from anybody!
Fluttershy: That's… not really how it works.
Rainbow Dash: Huh?
Fluttershy: Bullies go after everyone who doesn't accept that they're the strongest. They pick on the easiest targets to make themselves look bigger, but… they'll still fight with anyone who defies them…
Rarity: Oh dear…
Rainbow Dash: Ohhh. So… I wouldn't have let myself GET bullied, but… I still would've had to deal with bullies, if there were any.
Fluttershy: Mmhmm. Exactly.
Twilight Sparkle: Um… Does this come from personal experience?
Fluttershy: A little.
DM: If this is getting a little too close to home…
Fluttershy: No, it's fine.
Pinkie Pie: Too bad, you're still getting hugged!
Rainbow Dash: Hey! Since we're rewriting my past anyway, how about… we went to the same school, and I'd always protect Fluttershy if anyone tried to bully her?
Fluttershy: R-Really?
Rarity: Oooh, what a marvelous idea!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Getting into fights, racing fools… I would've gotten my start as a Barbarian by protecting you!
Applejack: Coming from y'all, that's just the sweetest darn thing.
Fluttershy: Oh. Well, I wouldn't want you to hurt anyone on my behalf… But, um, short of that, the thought is… very much appreciated. Thank you.
DM: Hmm, what's this on your character sheet… Oh right, "Chaotic Evil."
Rainbow Dash: Shhhhut up!
safe1583194 artist:newbiespud1320 edit119297 edited screencap57115 screencap205619 applejack159570 dumbbell594 fluttershy199377 hoops404 pinkie pie204083 quarterback184 rainbow dash220537 rarity170740 twilight sparkle283332 earth pony204762 pegasus246126 pony853900 unicorn272634 comic:friendship is dragons1478 sonic rainboom (episode)943 blank flank7059 clothes413378 cloud27671 cloudsdale1201 colt13274 comic101189 dialogue59468 female1163114 filly59729 filly applejack423 filly fluttershy557 filly pinkie pie303 filly rainbow dash1108 filly rarity303 filly twilight sparkle2474 flag3479 floppy ears46451 flying34671 foal14893 grin33319 gritted teeth10466 hair over one eye8214 hat76989 hooves16411 looking up14207 male308642 mane six29628 mare425452 on a cloud1179 open mouth124797 prone23588 sad22728 screencap comic4243 shadow3704 sitting55667 smiling217412 spread wings48275 stallion93914 standing10469 unamused14061 unicorn twilight13554 wide eyes16071 wings80633 younger15532


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