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Page 859 – Roam Schooled

You know what? To heck with it: A Story Time about naps. I could certainly use one.

DM: <sigh> Far be it from me to make sure you’re all integrated naturally into this world I created…
Rarity: That’s all well and good, but sometimes these things are found rather than decided. This is an improvisational medium, after all.
Rainbow Dash: Can we just change a few things, though? Like, maybe I didn’t get "kicked out" of flight school… Maybe I left. Maybe I had a really good reason, too!
DM: Hmm. So the leader jock says:
Dumb-Bell: Face it, Rainbow Crash, flight school had too many rules and not enough naptimes for you.
Rainbow Dash: A better reason than that, geez. Though that does describe basically every school in existence…
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