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Page 858 – Massed From the Past

Story Time! Any stories about character backstory NPCs?

DM: As the two of you land in the town square, you hear some familiar voices.
Rainbow Dash: Familiar? How? We don’t know anybody in this place.
Dumb-Bell: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
Hoops: It’s our old friend Rainbow "Crash!"
Fluttershy: Oh no…
Applejack: Ah, seems like yer standard high school bully types.
Rainbow Dash: Do ponies even go to high school?
Hoops: Hey Rainbow Crash! Get kicked out of any flight schools recently?
Rainbow Dash: Seriously, I don’t… Who are these guys supposed to be?
DM: <ahem> They’re from your backstory?
Rainbow Dash: Ohhhhhh, that thing I didn’t read!
DM: Y-Yes…
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