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Page 852 – Aerial Movelist

Scrapped lines:
Rarity: Er… the… Fantastic Filly Flash? It’s where you–
Rainbow Dash: Ehhh, no, I’m not flashing the audience. Do ponies even wear clothes anyway?
Rarity: That’s not what– <sigh> Nevermind.

Twilight Sparkle: How about a move where you build up speed…
Rainbow Dash: Uh-huh…
Twilight Sparkle: …and then at that speed, you do a cool strut across the ground?
Rainbow Dash: The Super Speed Strut. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.
Fluttershy: If it’s sort of a performance competition… I had this idea where you, um, make clouds spin around by flying around them. Kind of like keeping plates spinning while you do other things?
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, yeah. Speed AND finesse. That’ll impress the judges.
Applejack: The Buccaneer Blaze.
Rainbow Dash: Sounds awesome! What kind of move is it?
Applejack: I dunno, somethin’ to do with lightning? In all honesty, Ah only came up with the name.
Rainbow Dash: I’ll take it anyway!
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