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For Samey90

For his story: It’s The End of The World as We Know It

He wrote a very chaotic but strangely fitting fanfic about The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts. Coming of age, relationship problems, unexpected incidents, annotated football matches, basically picking up where Equestria Girls left them and trying to make sense and filling the the blanks of their supposed friendship, with the girls very differing personalities. Indigo inadvertedly became the leading woman across Sugarcoat’s harsh truths, Sunny Flare’s chaos, Lemon Zest’s doom-count, Sour Sweet’s toxicity, and unexpectedly, Bulk Bicep as a romantic interest.

This is definitely one of the biggest blunder of my hiatus where I missed the existence this fic when it matters, a fic that took inspirations from my past drawings and headcanon for the scenes. I mean, I dont deserve this, man. Thanks alot. This is the least I can do.
safe (1429573)artist:kul (126)bulk biceps (3027)indigo zap (2146)lemon zest (2859)sour sweet (2800)sugarcoat (2748)sunny flare (2346)equestria girls (159759)converse (4464)fanfic art (11366)female (760350)lorem ipsum (22)male (258102)peace sign (1924)shadow five (545)shoes (24081)sneakers (4179)text (40615)vape (68)


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