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safe1636954 artist:vdru7107 pinkie pie209675 earth pony222991 human148427 pony902003 equestria girls190772 balloon9844 chest fluff35347 confetti1819 cupcake5186 faic11760 food65810 happy29432 human ponidox3399 humanized97270 pinkamena diane pie18651 pinkamena is not amused3 self ponidox7651 smiling229630 tongue out97046 unamused14992 varying degrees of want676


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Background Pony #6945
Pinkamena (FiM): How can you stand such a pony…?
Pinkamena (EqG): I could say the same to you…
Pinkamena (FiM): Touche…
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