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safe (1500453) artist:vdru7 (106) pinkie pie (196228) earth pony (172010) human (137054) pony (777694) equestria girls (169773) balloon (9201) chest fluff (28818) confetti (1615) cupcake (4652) faic (10865) food (55836) happy (25633) human ponidox (3076) humanized (90823) pinkamena diane pie (17702) pinkamena is not amused (2) self ponidox (6627) smiling (197053) tongue out (82407) unamused (12283) varying degrees of want (596)


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Background Pony #D22A
Pinkamena (FiM): How can you stand such a pony…?
Pinkamena (EqG): I could say the same to you…
Pinkamena (FiM): Touche…