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safe (1425945)screencap (173952)apple bloom (43533)scootaloo (46459)sweetie belle (43769)earth pony (147489)pegasus (187174)pony (694125)unicorn (202214)growing up is hard to do (684)spoiler:s09e22 (684)barrel (1226)breaking the fourth wall (672)butt (9154)camera (3144)chair (4927)chart (760)clapperboard (11)cute (147976)cutie mark (33819)cutie mark crusaders (16222)director's chair (71)female (757751)filly (50334)hat (64521)mare (333932)megaphone (279)older (18266)older apple bloom (1085)older cmc (167)older scootaloo (1175)older sweetie belle (1181)plot (64787)self ponidox (6196)the cmc's cutie marks (4174)wat (17546)

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@Background Pony #BE58
Haven’t you seen these behind-the-scenes images they’ve released? They do a lot of practical effects, but large parts of it is just CGI. You can see more in the DVD extras.

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