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safe1602741 screencap209313 apple bloom47168 scootaloo49353 sweetie belle46983 earth pony211525 pegasus252885 pony871124 unicorn279962 growing up is hard to do1352 barrel1477 breaking the fourth wall805 butt39383 camera3630 chair6159 chart832 clapperboard11 cute184044 cutie mark43047 cutie mark crusaders18225 director's chair78 female1275039 filly60911 hat78556 mare433840 megaphone307 older23925 older apple bloom1792 older cmc360 older scootaloo1784 older sweetie belle1999 plot72408 self ponidox7450 the cmc's cutie marks4613 wat18561


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Background Pony #C63B
@Beau Skunky
Scootaloo: "How could you be so mean? You're supposed to be my friend."
Apple Bloom: "Aw, quit yer whinin'. Ah fed her four tins of baked beans, and she flew better than you ever did."
Background Pony #C63B
In an act of senseless cruelty, Apple Bloom cast an earth pony as Scootaloo.
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Background Pony #3FA6
Wait…so you've been telling me that the show…was a show the whole time?

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