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Page 836 – Friendship Blames

And by now, Cyber Monday (a thing whose reason for existing I still can’t wrap my head around) has come and gone. Shopping is practically the job description of one of my family members, so we feel these rushes of consumerism in full force around here.

Rainbow Dash: You seriously thought tricking everybody into becoming powergamers was a great idea?
Gilda: I thought it was pretty clever. Did you see how fast I got the "social Rogue?" Like, instantly.
Rainbow Dash: You really don’t get it, do you? You messed up. And not just because the newbie took it bad or the Bard turned the tables on you. This whole idea was shady from the get-go.
Gilda: What’s with this crap? I was trying to help them. I was trying to help YOU. I wasn’t doing this for no reason. I’m no schoolyard bully. How long have you known me?
Rainbow Dash: A long time! That’s kinda the problem! You aren’t acting any different than I’ve ever known you. So now I’m like, "Was she always kind of a jerk? Was I?"
Gilda: What?! Why I oughta…!
Rainbow Dash: Sorry, I’m sorry! Shouldn’t have said that. Look, bottom line: You treated them like they’re just morons that I "put up with." But they’re not. They’re my friends. I like gaming with them. No matter how they play it. I’m sorry for making you think otherwise and creating this situation. And I think you owe them an apology too.
Gilda: You really HAVE gone all Diplomancer on me…
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