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Page 831 – You Lose If You Win

When I start pulling screencaps from an episode, there are usually one or two notable ones (like firebreathing Gilda there) that come to mind that make me think, "Man, I’d really like to find a use for that, but I don’t know if I can fit it into the story." And yet, more often than not, lo and behold…

Pinkie Pie: I just like working on poetry!
Gilda: Don’t give me that! You’ve been playing me. What the hell is your game?!
Pinkie Pie: I dunno what you’re talking about. You made a more impressive party planner than I did, fair and square. I guess I should tweak my character build after all! You sure showed me! You win! I lose!
Gilda: Only because you– But then why– You…! GYAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!
DM: Um, go after her?
Rainbow Dash: Yeaaahhh… I’m on it.
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