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safe1726154 artist:arctic-fox914 oc697169 oc only455785 oc:malina34 bat pony50838 pony986437 bat pony oc18157 behaving like a bat95 closet304 clothes466857 cute202759 dark4576 ear fluff30313 ear tufts489 eyes closed95524 featured image892 female1380537 frog (hoof)13355 hanging1760 hanging upside down206 high res31100 hoofbutt1341 leg fluff3112 mare490496 not sweetie belle28 ocbetes5512 pigtails4852 prehensile tail794 sleeping23692 solo1077510 underhoof52821 upside down5636


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Mr grump
Why does Anon have dress in his closet? Nevermind I just thought of a reason.
Rarity: "Anon Darling we're going to be late."
Anon: "Just a sec." Walks out in the same dress as Rarity. "…Well one of us is going to have to change."
Rarity just death glares Anon.
Anon: "…FINE! Give me a minute." Walks back in house then walks wearing Bat pony as scarf. "Better?"

The sad thing would be if it was a locking closet, I hate those, I got stuck in one for 6 hours once. LoL. But this is adorable and I love it.