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Page 821 — Tactical Empathy

While there've been several villains in the game-world of Friendship is Dragons, and while the group has often antagonized each other in various ways, this is probably the first time the characters of the comic have had a real external force of interpersonal antagonism.

So if you're finding it weird to watch a little bit, don't worry — it's just as strange for me too.

I don't want to fall into full-blown terminal Cerebus Syndrome, though. That, I've been determined against since the very beginning five years ago. (Goes to show how long TVTropes has been mainstream, too, which is kinda crazy.)

Applejack: Now just what the heck was that?!
DM: That was the wrong player to do that to.
Rarity: I cannot believe someone could be so insensitive!
Twilight Sparkle: Does your group really act like that…?
Pinkie Pie: …
Rainbow Dash: Hey, woah woah woah. She didn't, uh, mean it like that. She was just, uh, trying to help! And it came out wrong! RIGHT?
Gilda: You're totally right. I messed up, and I'm really sorry. I'll go apologize right away.
Rainbow Dash: See, everyone? Just a little accidental abrasiveness! Nothin' to worry about. Heh… heh…
Gilda: Besides… 4 out of 5 will be good enough.
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