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Background Pony #8567

"But when I imagine the future, all I can think of is that we won’t be together"

I know this wasn’t what she referring to but surely she will realize eventually.
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Honestly it broke my heart a little to see their wrinkles and rarity’s white streak in her mane. Its going to destroy twilight when they pass, since shes pratically immortal now.
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So – does this mean that, 30 years down the line, all the efforts and accomplishments of the Mane Six are going to be hand-waved away as being all for naught, their successes undone, and their characters essentially assassinated and humiliated by a bunch of untalented hack writers, producers, and directors who want to reset the world to the pre-series status quo, and replace and upstage all of the established characters with a bunch of boring, unimaginative, and borderline-Mary Sue characters who they expect everyone else to praise because they happen to have some superficial "progressive" character traits?
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