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Blueblood and Tempest as guards.
safe1635875 artist:themexicanpunisher698 fizzlepop berrytwist9083 prince blueblood3961 tempest shadow16320 pony901013 unicorn293593 armor22643 berryblood68 broken horn13429 eye scar4818 eyes closed85888 female1302022 guard1144 hoof shoes4716 horn55260 male349987 mare448091 raised hoof41917 royal guard7249 saddle2037 scar11237 shipping191104 smiling229392 stallion100180 straight129675 tack4232 tempest becomes a royal guard168


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le grand rêveur
I don’t know what blueblood is doing here?
if tempest shadow vows a guard at his nivaux there is flash magnus at the castle.
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