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Page 819 – Imminent Bashing

We’re getting into one of those arcs where Pinkie Pie just gets to be Pinkie Pie… It’s not as crazy as when she was the DM, but there’s still a bit of "Hey, wait, hold on…!"

Gilda: OKAY. Gilda’s in town because it’s her friend’s birthday. She walks up to Pinkie Pie and says, "Hey, pink pony. You’re Dash’s Bard, right?"
Pinkie Pie: "Not right now!" she replies. "I’m finishing up this sign!"
Gilda: What sign?
Pinkie Pie: The sign for Rainbow Dash’s Ponyville Birthday Bash! Planned by none other than me, Ponyville’s premiere party planner!
Rainbow Dash: Woah, really? You’re doing all that for me?! That’s awesome! I don’t know what to say!
Applejack: Sounds like a hoot!
Gilda: …Fine. I just wanted a minute of your time, but I guess you’re SO busy you gotta give me the brush-off.
Pinkie Pie: Oh, whoops, sorry, you’re right, that was so rude of me! Yeah, I’m totally the party Bard, too! What about it?
Gilda: Phew. Just a few basic questions…
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