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Page 815 – There Is Only War

Any page where I get to use alternate-timeline screencaps is a fun page to work on.

Gilda: Seriously, though, once we’re done character building, we should do some test fights. My group does ’em every campaign. That way, we figure out what doesn’t work early!
DM: Doesn’t that mean that you already know what the monsters are and how to counter them when the story gets rolling?
Gilda: Maybe, but when that happens, our DM always tweaks them to keep up with us!
DM: Sounds like your group is a constant one-upmanship contest.
Gilda: Yeah, you could put it like that. It keeps the game tense!
DM: I’m not so fond of that approach. I like my combat encounters to have an element of surprise to them… not have this ridiculous meta trailing behind it. Although… you might be on to something…
Gilda: That so?
DM: If everyone else is going to be character building… then I should do some monster building too! Mwahaha!
Rainbow Dash: Gee, thanks. Now you’ve done it.
Gilda: You are 100% welcome.
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