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Page 814 – Munchkin Defense

It’s sort of baked into D&D at this point that character creation is half the fun. Sometimes even more fun than actually playing them.

My first 4e campaign went on forever, but I vaguely remember being in the epic 21-30 tier as an illusionist Wizard and not being able to hit anything if I rolled lower than an 18, while the rest of the party was becoming literal gods of the battlefield. It wasn’t a dealbreaker at the time because the DM was good at setting up challenges beyond just statting tough creatures, and my focus was on roleplaying anyway, but it’s sort of stuck with me ever since. It might be why I like systems like Pony Tales and Wanderlust so much, where there’s no to-hit roll.

Applejack: Woah, woah, hey. There’s no reason to get all riled up. Somebody back me up here.
Fluttershy: Last time, I picked Shillelagh… I guess I’ll just get it again…
Twilight Sparkle: Almost finished comparing the pros and cons of the Tome of Readiness, Orb of Imposition, Wand of Accuracy, and Staff of Defense…
Rainbow Dash: What’s the problem with making your character stronger?
Applejack: It’s not the practice, it’s the foolhardy thinkin’ behind it! People sayin’ there’s a statistically "right" or "wrong" way to play this game just breeds toxicity! Ah mean, sure, it’s better when you don’t miss a whole bunch. And when your damage is more significant than a gentle breeze. And when you feel like you’re contributing to the fight instead of trailin’ behind that one overpowered player… And when you use ALL your powers regularly because they’re ALL useful…
Applejack: Ah’m gonna go over mah ability scores again.
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