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Page 813 – No Longer Off

Have I really gone five years without using Rarity’s "It is on"? I’m gonna be a little embarrassed if I have and I don’t remember, but either way, it seems like the opportunity should have come up way more often…

So here’s an odd Story Time for ya: You know how there tend to be common player archetypes – the Real Men, the Roleplayers, the Loonies, and the Munchkins – or at least players who have carved out a role for themselves in the group? Tell a story about that character branching into a different archetype or role. The Loonie getting serious, the Real Man roleplaying for a change, the Munchkin… being less of a Munchkin. Something like that. A player defying their typecasting, essentially.

Rarity: Well. Despite what you may have heard, we do not overcompensate with combat here to make up for any perceived lack of strength. The narrative we’ve crafted together is both substantive and compelling.
Gilda: Of course YOU’D say that.
Rainbow Dash: Haha, yeah!
Applejack: Hey, hey, what are you implyin’?
Gilda: Nothin’! Just sayin’, she’s the known diplomancer. She prefers the roleplaying bits over fighting.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, geez, calm down.
Rarity: That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the role of combat in the tabletop experience, or that I don’t enjoy it in its usual density! I can achieve as much DPR as the best of them… if I choose to!
Gilda: Sure, sure. You just gotta touch-up your makeup between backstabs.
Rarity: It! Is! ON!
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