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In Order

Storm Drift
RD X Soarin’ (father currently deceased)

Sky Blast
RD X Zephyr Breeze (one night mistake) rip

Swift Evasion
RD X Quibble Pants ( current husband)

Starset Sun and Clouded Moon
Twi X Flash

Apple Blossom and Apple Spice
Flutters X Big Mac

Sugar Rocks
Pinkie X Cheese (Ex Husband)

Coffee Cream Carmel
Parents Unknown ( Adopted parents Pinkie and Pokey)

Cloud Candy and Bubble Gum
Pinkie X Pokey ( current husband)

Blooming Stitch and Time Lord
Rarity and two unknown fathers (too many one nightstands Rarity yikes)

Caramel (Jr.), Apple, Sugar Pie, Apple Oak
AJ X Caramel
safe (1426754)artist:fallen--fate (5)oc (524059)oc:apple (13)oc:apple blossom (58)oc:apple oak (1)oc:apple spice (24)oc:blooming stitch (1)oc:bubble gum (9)oc:caramel jr. (1)oc:cloud candy (1)oc:clouded moon (1)oc:coffee cream caramel (1)oc only (363309)oc:sky blast (1)oc:starset sun (1)oc:storm drift (1)oc:sugar pie (9)oc:sugar rocks (1)oc:swift evasion (1)oc:time lord (3)alicorn (162982)earth pony (147631)pegasus (187368)pony (694557)unicorn (202442)adopted offspring (882)alicorn oc (17768)beard (2641)bowtie (7255)clothes (354954)compass (106)ethereal mane (4656)facial hair (3874)female (758211)freckles (20475)glasses (46902)goggles (11707)half-siblings (528)male (257259)mare (334181)neckerchief (1160)next generation (5368)offspring (28712)parent:applejack (2740)parent:big macintosh (2120)parent:caramel (592)parent:cheese sandwich (1379)parent:flash sentry (2195)parent:fluttershy (3371)parent:pinkie pie (3098)parent:pokey pierce (411)parent:quibble pants (149)parent:rainbow dash (4299)parent:rarity (3021)parents:carajack (552)parents:cheesepie (1191)parents:flashlight (1894)parents:fluttermac (845)parent:soarin' (1913)parents:pokeypie (379)parents:quibbledash (126)parents:soarindash (1447)parents:zephdash (86)parent:twilight sparkle (6183)parent:unknown (15)parent:zephyr breeze (531)ribbon (5510)scarf (17434)simple background (290202)stallion (72733)starry mane (2394)tongue out (75619)transparent background (151567)unshorn fetlocks (18590)


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