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Buttonmash’s Favorite Game (1/2) – Commissioned by Leonitas Prime
Oh no! Buttonmash has hypnotized his mother using a new app. What will he do next?
>> https://patreon.com/sfrogue <<
#mlp #buttonmash #sfm #nsfw
semi-grimdark (24317)suggestive (112896)artist:sfrogue (24)button mash (3484)oc (524053)oc:cream heart (1811)anthro (200288)3d (51286)absolute cleavage (2289)armpits (35480)big breasts (56292)breasts (203120)busty cream heart (373)buttoncest (277)canon x oc (18684)cellphone (2306)cleavage (27272)female (758208)femsub (6356)fetish (29538)heterochromia (3421)huge breasts (25737)hypnosis (2485)hypnosis fetish (121)hypnotized (1122)imminent incest (191)implied buttoncest (18)incest (11032)male (257251)maledom (3663)milf (6707)mother and son (2103)open mouth (103915)phone (4236)shipping (164111)smiling (182786)source filmmaker (30576)straight (109240)submissive (9928)sunglasses (11466)sweet apple acres (2127)


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Background Pony #5747
And part 2: