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A full mock-up of one of the cards I made based on "Dragon Dropped," with visual assistance provided by Phil Srobeign.

Caution: The spell says nothing about maximum hand size. If you don’t have any help when carrying all of those cards, you won’t be holding them for long.
safe (1426281)edit (97759)edited screencap (44138)screencap (174013)rarity (157281)pony (694298)unicorn (202311)dragon dropped (682)spoiler:s09e19 (682)ccg (1162)female (757918)magic (57329)magic aura (1876)magic the gathering (640)mare (334022)shopping (328)shopping bags (91)solo (874310)struggling (672)telekinesis (20635)trading card (675)trading card edit (248)

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4 comments posted
Oh, this card meant exchange your hand and library with each other.

I thought it meant to pick up a whole ’nother deck and hand. That would be even more insane.
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