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Yeah… I’ve made something that is related to cuphead.

I tried to draw Smolder in a cuphead style… However a crazy idea came up to my head.

I included a logo that is called: "Smolder: ’beware of the cozy filly’" That would fit to a nice touch to the season finale…

Wait… I mean I really don’t want to see the very final episode where it’s like the future of Equestra that just tilted my Brian that Smolder grew a little taller but Spike is very big and same size as smolder… I just don’t know how do I say it but I don’t think it would supposed to be like the future end and it doesn’t fit with the other generations that Spike never grew up.

It’s a shame where those spoilers that Really makes me in a shock where I cried that how it was….

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a hold of my self with the season finale.

But I have made this cute little Cuphead art.

Also I was going to include Gallus to this art but I didn’t do it because I wanted to try Smolder first. So yeah…
safe (1461715)artist:tarkan809 (136)smolder (5368)dragon (40440)cuphead (232)cute (154580)dragoness (5688)female (788620)happy (24732)implied cozy glow (43)inkscape (1420)pacman eyes (115)shadow (3162)simple background (300145)smolderbetes (363)spoilers in description (16)style emulation (3422)text (42300)title (199)vector (67756)

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