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@Background Pony #DFBB
Don´t know what you are quoting there, but both is true. Childrens cruelty is rooted in their ability to empathise. They feel what hurts you and go after it. Unlike adults that hurt you with uncaring or calcule.

Empathy is neither kindness, morality nor courtesy. It is just the ability to sense the Feeling of the others.
Go Figures There is an abyss for that ability. XD
Background Pony #E69A
Children have an underdeveloped sense of empathy anyway.

She could be better as an adult, but whoops, now she’ll never reach adulthood anyway.
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Background Pony #DFBB

And that’s another thing she shares in common with Cozy Glow. Obviously Cozy Glow was not hostile the first time we saw her…
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God of Steak's avatar
God of Steak
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@Background Pony #DFBB

Did you see the look on Cozy Glow’s face when it happened? She was so scared. You just feel like hugging her…

Protec golly horse
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Comments159 comments posted