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Page 796 – Old Buds

Author: Rastaba

Guest Author’s Note: "Just a fun little meet-up between Phoebe from my comic, Steven and the Crystal GMs, and Rainbow Dash, catching up on ’what they’re up to’ and a little meta humor at The Hub/Discovery Family’s expense. And to be clear, I am with Rainbow Dash. Friendship is Dragons is at least 20% cooler. My use of ’colored bubbles’ was actually inspired a bit by FiD."

Newbiespud’s Note: I’ve made a big update/facelift to my Patreon! You guys have been supporting me for two years out of pure generosity, and now I want to give some actual rewards for your patronage.

If you’ve been wondering "When can I play in one of Newbiespud’s games?," there is now a potential answer!

Garnet (Phoebe): Hey, long time no see.
Rainbow Dash: Hey Phoebe, what’s up?
Garnet: Not too much… my group picked up the old gem campaign I told you about. What’s your group been up to?
Rainbow Dash: A lot, actually. Our GM came up with the kind of cool pony game and we have a couple new-
Garnet: Hehe…
Rainbow Dash: Oh come on! It’s note as bad as you think! And the new girls really seem to like it, so lay off, would ya’?
Garnet: I’m not saying anything…heh.
Rainbow Dash: I could see you smirking from space!
Garnet: Oh come on! I can’t help it! You of all people playing a girly little pony game! Ahaha!
Rainbow Dash: Like you’re one to talk! Bringing up that weird gem game… I get it, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Garnet: Hehehe, suppose you got me there. Wasn’t exactly my idea though. Betty was watching her neighbor’s kid and he found our old notes and it just sort of happened.
Rainbow Dash: Hahahahah! You’re kidding me! Some little kid! Let me guess, you’re letting him play along too, am I right, Phoebe? Gahahahaha!
Garnet: Guess I deserved that just a little. Still pretty nice to see you again… haven’t really touched base since… what was it?
Rainbow Dash: I think it was that transforming robots campaign?
Garnet: You sure? I could have sworn it was that commando game, Cobra something?
Rainbow Dash: Wait, wait, wait! It was that monster summoning one, Kai-something or other! Wasn’t that right, Bob? Ha!
Garnet: That’s right! Heh. Well, it was great to catch up with you. Maybe sometime my group can check out your little ponies.
Rainbow Dash: Ha! No thanks, after dealing with you guys our GM might just quit. Stay cool.
Garnet: Please, we both know I’m cooler than you.
Rainbow Dash: As if! I’m at least 20% cooler!
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