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Page 793 – Dark Horses, Mission 6

Author: ChrisTheS

Guest Author’s Note: "I recently replayed Dark Forces, and of all the puzzles in the game, the prison turbolift one was the most frustrating for me (you have to activate the lift, run around into the access space behind it, squeeze into a crawlspace, open a door, and jump out onto the top of the elevator BEFORE it reaches its destination). I honestly don’t know how I managed to beat it when I was a kid, because I’ve never had a high tolerance for video game difficulty. In a tabletop game, of course, you have more freedom to solve problems with high explosives.

"Characters from ’Star Mares’:"

DM: Sooo… last session, Spring Clean got captured trying to steal the details of the Dark Hoofer project, and is languishing in a slightly more secure prison than the last one you escaped from.
Spring Clean (Pinkie Pie): I try to talk my way out. <roll> Ooh, that’s a 26!
DM: Your non-stop babble leads the guards to invest in earplugs, which will give them all -2 to their passive Perception. But they don’t let you out.
Cookiecutter (Twilight Sparkle): We should disguise ourselves as stormhoofers to gain entry, and then overpower the guards from behind.
Maple Leaf (Fluttershy): Because that worked so well last time.
Cookiecutter: Because +3d6 Sneak Attack! Okay, I’ve tried every combination, and it seems there’s no way to solve this elevator puzzle.
DM: There’s a way. You just have to look in the right place.
Cookiecutter: Or maybe I should just use these mines to blow a hole in the wall.
DM: …You’re doing this to me on purpose, aren’t you?
Gracenote (Rarity): Crawling through dirty tunnels again? I’m going to need to spend a week at the spa to regain all my Style Points.
Spring Clean: At least it’s not the sewer planet.
Gracenote: I thought we agreed never to speak of that again.
Maple Leaf: Um, I ask the guard nicely if she’ll please open the cell.
DM: The guard is practically ecstatic for any excuse to finally get some peace and quiet, but would you please point that thing somewhere else.
Spring Clean: Aww, we didn’t blow it up when we left like the last two places.
DM: Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of chances for wanton destruction coming up.
safe (1460730)artist:christhes (143)oc (541277)oc:cookiecutter (4)oc:gracenote (38)oc:maple leaf (72)oc:spring clean (4)earth pony (158701)pony (725982)unicorn (216391)comic:friendship is dragons (1360)bipedal (27667)collaboration (4175)comic (92409)covering ears (80)crossover (53895)cuffs (3093)dialogue (52449)disguise (3322)explosives (237)female (787892)fight (5274)flying (30719)glowing horn (14129)goggles (11972)grin (28952)guard (1015)gun (12765)hat (67211)headset (1104)hiding (1182)horn (28910)implied fluttershy (441)implied pinkie pie (549)implied rarity (793)implied twilight sparkle (1368)laser (829)mare (352465)planet (948)running (4774)saddle (1824)scared (8170)smiling (188859)space (4163)spaceship (638)stars (11822)star wars (2741)stormtrooper (151)surrender (32)tack (2974)weapon (23717)


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