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Page 792 – Dark Horses, Mission 2

Author: ChrisTheS

Guest Author’s Note: "A followup to my last guest page (p733) (>>2138222). I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do the Dark Forces videogame storyline in my actual comic, but I’ve been resisting because it doesn’t entirely fit the tone. But over here, I can get away with it. For those of you following Star Mares proper, this little escapade takes place in between ’A New Horse’ and ’The Empire Bucks Back.’ In actual play, it’s a bit more obvious that these characters don’t match up 100% with their players, but everyone likes to try different character types sometimes.

"Characters from ’Star Mares’:"

Even as the Alliance celebrates its victory at the Battle of Yearlin, a sinister plot is put in motion that will become an even greater concern for the Rebellion.
When the rebels’ Tack Base in the city of Stallay comes under Imperial attack, Madame Moon Moth dispatches Cookiecutter and her friends to investigate reports of a new type of stormhoofer, the DARK HOOFER.
If this weapon cannot be stopped, the Alliance may be doomed, along with the rest of the galaxy.
DM: OK, our pair of pilots won’t be available for the next few sessions, so I thought we could do a simple run-and-gun type adventure. Everyone OK with that?
Cookiecutter (Twilight Sparkle): As long as there are puzzles and punching.
Spring Clean (Pinkie Pie): And loot!
Maple Leaf (Fluttershy): And more running than gunning, please.
Gracenote (Rarity): I suppose it’ll make a change from our usual.
DM: All right. Your ship sets down on the far side of Stallay. The entire city appears to have been nearly obliterated by heavy weapons fire, with wreckage and bodies everywhere.
Spring Clean: I loot the—
DM: They’re civilians on a backwater Rim world. They don’t have any treasure. Be patient.
Cookiecutter: Anything unusual about the wreckage? <roll> 22 Perception.
DM: The damage is more consistent with vehicle weaponry than small arms fire. You also notice a distinct lack of Imperial bodies.
Stormhoofer 1: You’re not authorized in this area!
Stormhoofer 2: Stop, Rebel scum!
DM: <roll> Althought I suspect that’s about to change, as you are suddenly attacked by a stormhoofer patrol.
Maple Leaf: I run away and look for somewhere to hide.
Spring Clean: …
Gracenote: …
Cookiecutter: …
Maple Leaf: … oh. And for any survivors who might have some clues for us.
Gracenote: You know, dear, you do have the biggest gun in the party.
Maple Leaf: That means the bad guys will try to shoot me first!
DM: With these guys’ attack bonuses, I don’t think you have to worry…
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