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Page 762 — Ad Libberish

So I'm working on something new that's D&D related… It also has to do with a certain contest. More on that, hopefully, this weekend.

Fluttershy: <roll> 15 for Acrobatics?
DM: Well, that's… perfect, actually. Right on the money. You daintily fly up and nimbly catch one of the Breezies with your hooves. The leader-ish one shouts:
Seabreeze: Tanagretu nik mir! Maisegu de piripa! Mekenar stuf!
Rainbow Dash: Bwahahahaha! Oh man…
DM: Ahem. To your ears, Fluttershy, he said, "You must stay together! Take hold of another! Don't let go!"
Applejack: You… You didn't write a whole darn language for these things, didja?
DM: Not a whole language. Just… wrote some guidelines…
Twilight Sparkle: When did you– Wait, don't tell me they were ALSO in the original campaign??
DM: …Okay.
safe1599365 artist:newbiespud1334 edit121482 edited screencap58572 screencap208689 amethyst star2355 applejack161189 bon bon15562 cloud kicker1827 fluttershy201275 linky1415 lyra heartstrings28227 minuette5490 pokey pierce1290 rainbow dash222339 seabreeze483 shoeshine1530 sparkler2205 spike75040 sunshower raindrops2264 sweetie drops15567 twilight sparkle285947 breezie2048 dragon49696 earth pony210411 pegasus251727 pony868445 unicorn278515 comic:friendship is dragons1493 it ain't easy being breezies829 background pony9555 background pony audience341 clothes419291 comic102287 dialogue60148 eyes closed82669 female1272108 flying35063 freckles25653 hat78262 looking up14389 male338164 mare432173 mushroom hat64 saddle bag5349 screencap comic4283 slit eyes4064 smiling220894 stallion95787 unicorn twilight13993 worried3534


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