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Page 762 – Ad Libberish

So I’m working on something new that’s D&D related… It also has to do with a certain contest. More on that, hopefully, this weekend.

Fluttershy: <roll> 15 for Acrobatics?
DM: Well, that’s… perfect, actually. Right on the money. You daintily fly up and nimbly catch one of the Breezies with your hooves. The leader-ish one shouts:
Seabreeze: Tanagretu nik mir! Maisegu de piripa! Mekenar stuf!
Rainbow Dash: Bwahahahaha! Oh man…
DM: Ahem. To your ears, Fluttershy, he said, "You must stay together! Take hold of another! Don’t let go!"
Applejack: You… You didn’t write a whole darn language for these things, didja?
DM: Not a whole language. Just… wrote some guidelines…
Twilight Sparkle: When did you– Wait, don’t tell me they were ALSO in the original campaign??
DM: …Okay.
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