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Page 751 – Pheasant Remolt

In case you missed it, two days ago saw the release of a special Friendship is Dragons video.

I’ll be honest, Story Time is a hard video to do. Finding the stories, weeding them out, editing them, recording narration, figuring out panels, picking out screencaps from the full five and a half seasons and all the movies, exporting the comic images, editing each animation "stage," redoing the whole thing because Comic Life didn’t quite export them the way I wanted and I found a bunch of typos, finally putting them in Adobe Premiere, picking out background music from the show that actually has all the sound effects and dialog properly taken out…

It’s kind of insane. I don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this workflow, but I’ll bet, as usual, it came about from a lack of sleep.

Rarity: Oh dear. Are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash… infected now?
DM: That depends on how well I roll over the next in-game day or so. But feather flu is like the normal flu: It incubates. On average, you don’t show symptoms for 48 hours.
Fluttershy: So… we’re fine?
DM: For now.
Rainbow Dash: Mmmnnrrrgh…
Applejack: The team’s been trainin’ together all week, and our hotshot’s startin’ to show symptoms…
Rainbow Dash: Arrrrrrrrgh…
DM: Feather flu, on top of being unpleasant, causes early molting in pegasi. When it’s in full swing… they can still technically fly, but they really shouldn’t.
Rainbow Dash: Ennnnnnhhhh…
Twilight Sparkle: If even a third of our team is exposed, we’ll have trouble creating the tornado at all, much less breaking the record!
Rainbow Dash: Hrrrrrrrrnnnggg!
Pinkie Pie: Oh no! She’s getting the feather flu in REAL LIFE!
Applejack: Nope, that’s just her straining to censor herself.
Rainbow Dash: More like "trying NOT to punch the DM."
DM: Fair.
safe (1430847)artist:newbiespud (1181)edit (99356)edited screencap (44437)screencap (175087)applejack (148036)blossomforth (1275)derpy hooves (45927)dizzy twister (889)fluttershy (184364)orange swirl (888)pinkie pie (189230)rainbow dash (204122)rarity (157821)sunshower raindrops (2101)twilight sparkle (260876)earth pony (148722)pegasus (188520)pony (699492)unicorn (203993)comic:friendship is dragons (1336)hurricane fluttershy (794)anemometer (54)apple (12929)background pony (7485)baseball cap (1477)bathrobe (1108)bucket (1826)cap (3016)clothes (356193)comic (89719)coughing (180)dialogue (50724)eyes closed (68062)feather (4432)feather flu (10)flying (30005)food (51205)freckles (20556)frown (19622)grin (28090)hat (64872)looking up (11907)mane six (26534)molting (87)pony pox (34)robe (2490)sad (20612)screencap comic (3458)sick (1487)sitting (46188)smiling (183526)tree (22644)unicorn twilight (7976)wet (6198)whistle (898)worried (2835)


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