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safe1640233 artist:red4567886 applejack164627 fluttershy205755 granny smith5202 pinkie pie210015 rainbow dash226669 rarity176001 spike76678 starlight glimmer46573 twilight sparkle291844 alicorn211243 dragon52229 pony905831 comic:i must regress20 3d69985 adult2372 adult spike937 age progression605 age regression1361 babity142 baby10053 baby dash232 baby pie177 baby pony6308 babyjack452 babyshy196 book32028 cart1313 comic104752 female1305908 filly62918 filly fluttershy648 filly pinkie pie365 filly rainbow dash1199 filly rarity360 flying36202 foal15090 forest9541 giant spike29 horn55948 mane six30864 older24924 older spike4884 source filmmaker42602 spell gone wrong321 spikezilla495 temple340 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119957 winged spike8029 winged spikezilla52 young granny smith660 younger16455


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Background Pony #6BE5
if twilight and starlight get tend into baby's i wont the princess Celestia and Luna can take care all of them
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Background Pony #6BE5
if this don't weak i think twilight and starlight should tern in to baby's so they wont be changing diapers and i think
that the princesses should take care of them
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