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Ship’s Kid:CheesePie,SugarMac,SprGliTempLight,SpringShadow,SpringDrops,GlitterShadow
safe (1425489)artist:徐詩珮 (4663)li'l cheese (57)oc (523501)oc:betty pop (758)oc:bubble sparkle (17)oc:spring legrt (189)oc:storm lightning (291)alicorn (162614)earth pony (147376)unicorn (202100)spoiler:s09e26 (928)alicorn oc (17741)base used (10505)female (756992)friendship (902)half-siblings (528)magical lesbian spawn (8416)male (256704)mane six opening poses (408)mare (333778)muffin macintosh (5)multiple parents (89)next generation (5368)offspring (28698)parent:glitter drops (1017)parents:glittershadow (924)parent:spring rain (493)parents:sprglitemplight (17)parents:springdrops (256)parents:springshadow (400)parents:springshadowdrops (124)parent:tempest shadow (1638)parent:twilight sparkle (6180)siblings (3696)sisters (5967)stallion (72640)

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