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"Oh biscuits! I reckoned that I've seen ya around, but I forgot your name!"

Name: Apple Spice
Nickname(s): AS, Spicey
Gender: Mare
Orientation: Heterosexual

Special Talent: Baking
Occupation: Apple farmer
Location: Ponyville

Likes: her family, her boyfriend, baking
Dislikes: Bad apples, winter, burnt pastries
Positive Characteristics: Motherly, kind, supportive
Negative Characteristics: A bit airheaded, tends to forget names at times, clumsy

Future Spouse/Partner: Breezy Mantra
Future Children: Sweet Breeze, Washington Apple

-Mainly specializes in making apple tarts.
-Is dating Zephyr Breeze and Tree Hugger's son.
-Is very close with her cousins.

Designed by chaserofthelight99


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