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Page 750 – Impatient Zero

750 pages. Now there’s a milestone. We made it this far, so 1000 no longer sounds impossible. That’s incredible.

It’s a lot later than I initially wanted it, but I finally managed to get a video out for you guys. A little something as celebration that I like to call Story Time 3.

DM: Alright, Fluttershy. Roll for Heal.
Fluttershy: Um, actually… First, before that, I want to maximize my roll, um, situationally.
DM: Okay…?
Fluttershy: I just… It really feels like a lot hinges on this, and I don’t want to fail.
DM: Sure, I understand. Have anything in mind?
Fluttershy: I go home with Thunderlane.
DM: <cough! cough!> Wha-What?
Fluttershy: Won’t I have medical supplies there? And my animal friends can help me.
DM: Oh, right, yeah. That makes more sense.
Fluttershy: Angel… Scalpel.
DM: Er, no. You don’t need that.
Fluttershy: Angel… Medical tape?
DM: How about we start with a thermometer?
Applejack: Darlin’, honey, Ah think you’ve done whatcha can. Maybe just roll the dice?
Fluttershy: If you think so… Rolling for Heal. <roll>
DM: Phew! And yes, with all the situational stuff, that check is extremely passed. It isn’t long before you have a very clear diagnosis.
Rainbow Dash: What’s the verdict, doc?
DM: Thunderlane… has a case of the feather flu.
Applejack: What in the world is… Hold on, is it contagious?
DM: Only… to… pegasi?
Fluttershy: Uh-oh.
Rainbow Dash: Oh come on.
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