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Page 749 — Rings of Icarus

Man, look at that page number. That's almost three-quarters of a thousand right there. That's insane, isn't it?

Right about now will be where I enter crunch time for the revival of a special project. Here's hoping I make my deadline on this attempt.

Twilight Sparkle: Looks like it's Fluttershy. She's trained in Heal, and has the highest bonus.
Fluttershy: I-I do?
Rainbow Dash: Sweet! And you probably get a bonus due to both of you being pegasi.
DM: That's… the ONE time that sort of bonus-fishing actually applies. Well done.
Pinkie Pie: You heard it, Thunda! Get over to Fluttershy and get yo'self checked befo' you get yo'self wrecked!
Thunderlane: What? No, I'm fine! It's just a cough!
DM: …Ow.
Rainbow Dash: That's an order, rookie! Health and safety first! On the double!
Thunderlane: Okay, okay, I'm going…
Applejack: You do realize that's gonna be banned after tonight.
Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah. Definitely.
safe1602028 artist:newbiespud1337 edit121830 edited screencap58771 screencap209217 applejack161423 blossomforth1392 crescent pony174 derpy hooves48442 dizzy twister1001 fluttershy201519 lightning bolt872 mane moon174 orange swirl1001 pinkie pie206108 rainbow dash222643 sassaflash865 silverspeed80 sunshower raindrops2266 twilight sparkle286335 white lightning871 earth pony211324 pegasus252656 pony870534 unicorn279657 comic:friendship is dragons1496 hurricane fluttershy913 background pony9568 background pony audience341 baseball cap1839 blowing whistle140 cap3867 comic102428 dialogue60251 eyes closed82894 female1274399 flying35172 freckles25725 glowing horn17305 grin34055 hat78461 hooves16708 horn49901 levitation10971 looking up14498 magic67536 male339034 mare433529 nervous5186 onomatopoeia3489 open mouth127732 raised hoof40131 scared9612 screencap comic4293 smiling221455 spread wings49057 stallion96163 telekinesis25215 tree28743 unicorn twilight14067 whistle1132 wings84669


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