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Page 748 – Eye Lander

From group to group, there are different approaches to skills. Some coordinate their spread, some focus on flavor, and some just go "eh, whatever."

For those who don’t know, this has a bit of importance beyond raw numbers. Being formally "trained" in a skill separates a character from those that have not. A DM might say that some skill checks are of such complexity that only those who have formal training can attempt it, even if another character’s untrained skill level is adequate. It’s a small note, but used well it can really help solidify a character’s background and role.

(Hmm, we’re coming up on 750, and I still need to make up for a certain project that imploded around 700…)

DM: You can’t just quarantine a pony for coughing. That’s insane. Nopony will accept that.
Rarity: Welllll… It’s possible that we could fake a disease scare. We’d just need a few hazmat suits, an actor with convincing makeup…
Rainbow Dash: Oh man, that’d be awesome.
Applejack: Woah woah woah! First of all, that’s the worst way to solve this problem AND the best way to get the tornado completely canceled.
Rainbow Dash: Hey, yeah!
Rarity: Just thinking out loud.
Applejack: And second, how ’bout instead we get this Lane guy checked out by a medical professional? Or at least somepony trained in Heal?
DM: That’s MUCH more reasonable. Good grief.
Pinkie Pie: Who’s trained in Heal, anyway? Not me, for some weird reason.
DM: Amongst you, I think there’s only one…
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