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safe1617696 artist:turnipberry0 twilight sparkle288562 alicorn206519 classical unicorn3836 pony885341 unicorn286046 the last problem5053 cheek feathers11 cloven hooves9209 colored fetlocks59 colored hooves5081 colored wings5231 curved horn6163 dewclaw37 ethereal mane7003 female1287709 filly61744 filly twilight sparkle2498 gradient background11307 gradient wings501 horn52434 leonine tail7536 mare440193 pale belly788 princess twilight 2.01994 purple background2638 realistic anatomy326 simple background362077 solo1005180 spread wings49742 starry wings95 teenager4438 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118486 ultimate twilight417 unicorn twilight14433 unshorn fetlocks22454 winged hooves35 wings88239