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Artist’s description from DA:
I finally got the time to do some headcanons! I’d Like to try doing a version of all of the mane six, with at least three versions each. A filly version, the version we have for most of the show, and a post-show older version. Twilight get’s an extra because she’s a pretty perfect pony princess, and nobody else changed species halfway through the series. So you get a filly version, a unicorn-adult version, a post-ascension version, and a version taking place after the show, with Twi fully mature as an alicorn and grown into her power.
safe (1459168)artist:turnipberry (124)twilight sparkle (265530)alicorn (170211)classical unicorn (3511)pony (724386)unicorn (215640)the last problem (2529)spoiler:s09e26 (2593)cheek feathers (14)cloven hooves (7632)colored fetlocks (54)colored hooves (3481)colored wings (4282)curved horn (4836)dewclaw (73)ethereal mane (5021)female (786194)filly (52372)filly twilight sparkle (2252)gradient background (9308)gradient wings (389)hoof wings (4)horn (28753)leonine tail (6058)mare (351323)pale belly (444)princess twilight 2.0 (893)purple background (1889)realistic anatomy (434)simple background (299374)solo (894750)spread wings (42070)starry wings (110)teenager (3362)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105105)ultimate twilight (342)unicorn twilight (8727)unshorn fetlocks (19345)wings (55900)


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