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An Age Chart for my OC Steadfast Sapphire. I had the idea after finishing the middle one.

Left to right

Age: 7 Months

At six months old Steadfast was born in Canterlot Castle years after her Grandmother, Twilight Sparkle took rule over Equestria and is always flying around the halls. Diamond Tiara and Skaterloo have a heck of a time chasing her around the huge building.

Age: 6 Years

Same energy but more control than when she was a baby. After 6 Years she’s learning more about herself. Both happy with ruff housing with her father and having tea parties and trying her mother’s jewelry.

Age: 10 Years

At ten Steadfast earned her Cutie Mark for her abilities during flight. Sparkling like her namesake a Sapphire using drops of water to her advantage. Since she was 6 her personality has grown while keeping her mixture of feminine and masculine traits to her interests. For her cute-ceañera her maternal grandparents gave her the earrings she wears on a daily basis.

Age: 16 Years

After becoming a teenager Steadfast did have a slight ‘rebellious’ phase not as much as her friends but did cause her to get into some trouble now and then. Twilight was able to set her straight if she acted up after raising two foals through their teenage years definitely helped her know how to handle the situation.

Age: 24 Years

As a full grown mare Steadfast took after her mother in becoming a good leader. Her father still has a protective nature over his only daughter and oldest child. Even if she’s an adult Skaterloo can only see the young filly who asked to check under her bed for monsters. Diamond helps him see the 24 year old mare though.

Base 7 Months
Base by: FIamango on DevaintArt

Base 6 Years
Base by: littlebasemaker on DevaintArt

Base 10 Years
Base by: FrostyBases on DevaintArt

Base 16 Years
Base by: Strawberry-Spritz on DevaintArt

Base 24 Years
Base by: SnowySeal on DevaintArt
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