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I know I promised people some drawing, (which I am working at; dont worry), it’s just that I havent make anything for Wallflower Blush first, with her being a character that I missed during hiatus. Old kul would have just cook something spicy, probably with her being killed or killing people, but I have been reading those Wallflower fics by Scampy which is very intricate and telling about the exploration of someone who’s depressed. I dunno, but it kinda makes me only wants to draw positive things about her. Because those fics fucking hits like bricks.
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Yo what the frick, I got a shout-out on an awesome Wally image how did I not notice this sooner

She’s great. This is great. You’re great. Please draw more Wallflower, she’s a pure and perfect and precious angel and she needs to be cherished and protected—so of course my stories with her are brutally depressing lulz
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yeah, I just like the doomer/go-getter ones since I’m literally on the age range of it, and it somehow fits me. Also, yeah Wallflower story is relatable.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (5 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

Normally I hate Wojak crap, but this is actually meaningful, and it’s about Wallflower, who is my second-favorite EqG character.
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